PK Domains

.pk Domain Prices

.pk domain have different price structure for registrants based in Pakistan and for registrants located outside Pakistan.
.pk domains are registered on bienniual basies i.e. two years period.

.pk price for registrants within Pakistan = Rs. 2500
.pk price for registrants outside Pakistan = 48 USD

Renew .pk Domain

You may renew your .pk domains through any of these ways.

For pk domains under management.

If you pk domain is under’s management, you will receive an invoice from us 20 days prior to domain expiry. The domain will be renewed by us after the invoice is paid.

For domains not under’s management

If your .pk domain is not under management, you will receive an expiry notice and an invoice from PKNIC.

To renew the domain please take following steps.
i. Login to your PKNIC account.
ii. Goto Billing > invoice section and select the payment method.
iii. You can chose from “domain credit” or “credit card” or “prepaid card”
iv. Choose the prepaid if you have the prepaid card, enter the card number and your domain is renewed.

.pk Domain Transfer

For transferring a domain from one account to another, the following requirements are needed to be fulfilled:

An authority letter in writing is needed to be furnished by the present domain registrant (owner of domain not the agent or technical contact) to PKNIC. The authority letter is to be presented on the company’s letter head bearing the official seal. For the citizens of Pakistan, a copy of the CNIC (national identity card) of the company’s head or director is required as well. The authority letter should contain the details of the account information from which the domain needs to be transferred and it should also include the account where the domain is intended to be transferred.

What if, because of some reasons, the name of the registrant (fully or partially) does not match with the officially used emblem (i.e. on company letter head), in this case an affidavit made with proper format mentioning the official authorization is needed to be supplied. The affidavit must meet the legal formalities and requirements such as stamp paper of worth Rs. 100 attested by the oath commissioner. Download sample document for .pk domain transfer

In case, the registrant of the domain is an individual then furnishing of the affidavit in proper formatting is required. The affidavit has to be legally binding like stamp paper of worth Rs. 100 and attested by the oath commissioner. Download sample document for .pk domain transfer for individuals

E-mail Verification: The owner of the present domain or agent would then be asked for the consent to the domain transfer and the transferring to the account holder to accept the request for the incoming domain transfer.

The authority letter can either be mailed to the above mentioned PKNIC’s postal address if you want to handle the transfer process your self or can be sent to for asking for the assistance in the domain transferring process.

pknic Domain Registration Policy

All domain applications for .pk domain must agree to registration policy agreement available at PKNIC website. The there are conflicting terms between PKNIC base agreement and following terms, the following terms as listed on PKNIC website will apply.

  • The .pk domain name length should no exceeds 63 characters and 67 characters when .pk or suffix is added.
  • .pk domain name cannot start with a hyphen or dash “-“, and there cannot be two consecutive hyphen “–” within the name. Just like in gtlds these are reserved.
  • .pk Domain name can be dictionary words as long as they donot violate the PKNIC registration policy.
  • The domain name should not present in the list of blocked or /and reserved names.
  • You can registered .pk Domain names without assigning any name servers at all.

Second level .PK domains

  • The minimum length for .pk domain registration of 2nd level is 4 charters. i.e. or ( is not a valid domain and cannot be registered till now.)
  • The four charcter 2nd level .pk domain name must not start with PKNIC second level sub-domains (used in third level) i.e. com, net, org, biz, web, fam, info and the pknic sub domains used for government for example gov, gop, gpk, gos, gok, gog and gob.

Following domains are not valid.,

Following domains are valid.,,

Third level .COM.PK, etc domains

For third level .pk domain one can register domains as short as one character long.

The following are the reserved names and canot be registered.

Pk –, . com, net, org, biz, web, fam, info, gov, gop, gpk, gos, gok, gog and gob
i.e. all the PKNIC domain types are reserved and cannot be registered as domain names.

.PK Domain Registry

.pk domain registry operations are managed by PKNIC. These operations include

  • Registration and Maintenance of .pk domains
  • DNS server operations for PKNIC domains

PKNIC is in operation since June 1992 and is a self supporting organization. PKNICK was established to use the Pakistans Top-Level domain .PK.

Please note that PKNIC is responsible for the administration of the .PK domain name space, including the operation of the DNS for the Root-Servers for .PK domains, and registration and maintenance of all .PK domain names. PKNIC do not provide services for any other top level (e.g. .com, .net etc).

You may visit the PKNIC website here.